The Cut by Christopher Brookmyre

Ocht, just buy it.

I was lucky enough to receive a pre-publication copy of the new book from Chris Brookmyre called The Cut.

tl;dr Ocht, just buy it.

The Cut

The latest crime noir release from the genius of Christopher Brookmyre is a great addition to his canon.

Focussing on the unlikely pairing of a recently released ex-con geriatric make-up genius and a young misfit horror film fan who survive multiple attempts on their lives before embarking on an unlikely road trip to clear their names.

Along the way they encounter many ghosts of the past as well as uncovering a cover-up that involves politicians at the heart of Westminster.

This book will not disappoint Brookmyre fans (and to be clear that should be everybody) who will enjoy the smartly drawn characters, the authentic dialogue and the sparkling wit.

Ocht, just buy it.

The Cut

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