Digital NI 2010

English: HTC Corporation smart phone "Pro...
English: HTC Corporation smart phone “Prophet”, sold branded as O 2 XDA Neo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The world is rapidly becoming a fully connected planet, and here in Northern Ireland we have one of the most widely available access to high speed internet based communications on the planet.

In a connected world, individuals can have a global persona. Increasingly, ‘ordinary’ citizens, people who don’t work in the communications industry, have relationships with individuals and groups of interest spanning all of the continents.

Access to sources of information and knowledge bases is increasingly straightforward. From a simple computer or smart phone, one can access nearly all of the information ever known to mankind. This is a phenomenal leap forward from where we were just a few decades ago, where such access was limited to a very small number of ‘experts’, and with library and historical collections, including art works and copyright library collections being digitised and made available to everyone, this access is often for free.

Access to knowledge is increasingly both classless and independent of nationality, with the world rapidly becoming ‘flat’.

The possibilities that this opens up are mind-blowing.

via Digital NI 2010.

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