You may have ‘Big Data’ and not know it… can you protect it? – IBM Software Blog

Big Data
Big Data (Photo credit: Kevin Krejci)

You may have ‘Big Data’ and not know it… can you protect it?

To many security executives the word “Big Data” seems to being something that someone else has and thus not applicable to ones own enterprise.  Many Security managers assume that their own data-center is traditional and that ‘Big Data’ is something that enterprises like Amazon or Google use.  Such thinking cannot be further from the truth.   With the rise in machine-to-machine M2M communication, i.e. interconnectivity, there is a huge rise in the data that is available and logged.  So if you have website and have logs of all the activity on the website then you certainly have ‘big data’.

Four characteristics of Big Data

There are four characteristics of Big Data:

Phew  – we now have the play on the words out of the way!

Even the most conservative enterprise has a huge amount of log files that can provide great insight into their own operations or customer needs. As organizations try to ingest and manage this useful data, there is also the implication that this data is useful to anyone who can break in and access this data. Organizations also need to be aware that much of this data could be sensitive data such as financial, health, and personal or other types of sensitive information that are subject to regulations or even sensitive to the business like revenue data.

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