25 Ways Software Startups can use BizSpark, Day 2: Run your blog, a wiki, and a marketing site | Taylor Cowan (Online)

Most startup companies will want to run at least one, and often several websites.  A wiki for technical documentation, a blog for the team to keep customers informed, and a marketing site can be had free for three years using the benefits provided by BizSpark.  How so?  All BizSparks are eligible for up to $3700 in free Azure utilization each year they are in the program.  Under that program your startup could run 3 custom websites, with ample storage and bandwidth included.  Azure’s web site product makes it easy to run custom asp.net, php, or node.js sites.  Code and content can be updated using TFS, FTP, or GIT publishing.  You may also quickly create sites from a gallery of blog, wiki, and CMS engines.


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