Posted by: tonygurney | December 1, 2011

There is no better time to build a Windows Phone app! – MSDN UK Team blog

Join the Windows Phone UK Developer Reward Programme Today!

Imagine being rewarded with the latest gadgets (digital cameras, LCD TVs & Kinect) and treated to exhilarating experiences (Ferrari thrill & flying lessons) just by publishing your original and unique Windows Phone app on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

How? Simple! Every successful and original application published in the Windows Phone marketplace gets you one point to exchange for a range of substantial state-of-the-art goodies. There are some criteria you will need to fulfill first. You can choose something right away or wait as the more apps you publish, the bigger and shinier the stuff you get to choose from. And hold on… that’s not all… every application also gets you an entry in that month???s bonus prize draw.  So just one little app could win you an awesome prize and that???s on top of whatever goodies you choose to exchange for.

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