Now I Know What Students Use…


Image via Wikipedia I can’t think of a good way to use this site but its “functionality” is too good not to share. Here, then, is my previous post run through the superb anti-AI of Unintelligencer:

One o’ thee mos common questions asked bye students oan an graphics course is “Cans I tkaes mah bitmap photo and mayk itz an editable vector graphic?”. Well, too be precise ff’ question is moar yooshuallee phrased, “Ewe know em pictures ah took. Hao dae a git them phae thae mad dots n tew lines’n’that?” Apologies phoar tha poor transliteration.

Gratuishus attacks onna students asside thiz web site allows you 2 upload a bitmap and has it converted too vectors online. Gud pho de odd translation job iffn you don’t have one the commericial (rede ekspensiv) techniques to hand.

All comments saying that this version is clearer should be sent to


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